3 Facilitation Tips to Help Level Up Your Next Meeting

5 years ago the word “facilitation” did not exist in my vocabulary. I still remember my first retrospective. My coach was in the room with me, reassuring me that it was OK not to “run” the meeting and that, believe it or not, facilitating active participation was a waaaaaay better idea than a group of […]

Tumbling Tower Retrospective

Ever wanted to bring the excitement of tumbling wooden blocks into your retrospective? Want a way to demonstrate how our daily decisions impact our sprint goal? Got a few folks in your team who enjoy Role-Playing Games (RPGs)? Then have I got a retro for you! Recently I’ve been prepping for a Halloween game of […]

Value Star

Value Star

Have you ever wondered how the practical work of producing a product relates back to the Scrum Values? I know that the teams I’ve worked with often separate out the two, with one being the reason they come to work and the other being something theoretical that doesn’t really apply to the practicality of their […]

Relative Story Sizing

Ever wondered how to help keep the “relative” in Relative Sizing? Do you struggle as a team to get consistency with your story points? Well, fear not, there is a way to keep previous stories and sizes in your mind, while in refinement, without trawling through your story tracker. Introducing the Story Point Ruler! Taken […]