Thought for the Day: Iterate as I say, not as I do…

I’m sitting at lunch, berating myself for how long it is taking me to write up a couple of client workshops. I can almost see the value of the workshop notes diminishing before my eyes. Why is it taking so long you might wonder? I wondered the same thing… And then it dawned on me. I’m trying to gold plate them, crafting the most brilliant workshop write up you’ve ever seen. Redrawing the visual facilitation from the session to make “better art”, layer upon layer in Procreate, along with every single one of the hundreds of post it notes typed up and neatly listed in a document.

Does my client want this? Maybe, I haven’t even asked them. Am I adding value by doing this? Well no, at this point the value lies in a timely memory jog rather than 2019’s answer to the Sistene Chapel ceiling.

So now what?

Whelp, firstly I’m gonna finish my flat white and get those write ups out before I leave for the day. Secondly, I’m gonna practice visual facilitation so that the next workshop I facilitate is documented as we go.

Inspect and adapt. Get the value out fast. Document as you go… Where have I heard that before..?

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