Thought for the Day: Carbless Feedback

The sh*t sandwich. Most of us will have heard of it, potentially more of us will have experienced it. Direct feedback wrapped in a couple of platitudes designed to save our feelings. I don’t know about you folks, but I really dislike receiving feedback this way. I often find the message confusing, and rarely know what to do with what was said. I dislike *delivering* feedback this way even more so. I tend to bumble all around the houses, trying to avoid upset. I never know when to slip in my actual point before bumbling off again, back around the houses. So what can we do..?

Kim Scott introduced us to Radical Candour. The concept of being direct and caring when delivering feedback. I like to think of it as “carbless feedback” – strip the fluffy, non-nutritious, bread out of the feedback and then check that filling. Is it nutrient dense and ready to nourish the recipient’s life? Then deliver it to them in the most professional manner possible – directly and with empathy. Be clear. Don’t hand over some nasty additive riddled, sweaty day old ham. Give them the juiciest, grass-fed, and marbled slice of feedback they’ve ever received and serve it with love.

Check out my next post if you’d like an example of carbless feedback in action…

(Image credit tomwieden from Pixabay)

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