Thought For The Day: Are You Leaning In or Projecting Out?

Coaching is hard. Trying to help teams change their habits and move to a different way of working can be incredibly frustrating. If only people would stop resisting, right? If only they got it like I do…

Well, let’s talk about that. Do we let this attitude creep into our coaching?

I do, sometimes. And when I’m finished ranting, finished projecting blame outwards, I always settle back on one thought…

“What am I missing?”

As coaches, where are our blind spots? What’s happening in these big complicated human systems that’s causing our current approaches to fall flat? What are our teams trying to tell us? How do we need to pivot? Are we, dare I say it… wrong?

I believe that curiosity is key to coaching. I choose to lean in. Will you join me?

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